Tuesday, 14 April 2015

RunBus is a Top-rated Online Bus Ticket Booking Company in India

Hurrah! It is time to grab a lucrative offer given by RunBus- an Online Bus Ticket Booking Services Company in India. Yes, an offer that commonly stands to draw a huge number of consumers increasingly is now about a 5% flat discount on every transaction of bus ticket booking at RunBus.

Meaning that the company is now showing its personalized side to benefit its clients well, this intends its clients have any service be it Delhi to Jaipur Bus Ticket booking, or Delhi to another city bus ticket booking.

With its impressive footprints into bus tickets booking industry nationwide, RunBus is common on web search-engines to find or common among those who ought to book their bus seats online. Since its inception to deliver its every service custom-made primarily, this online bus ticket booking services company casts its services Way to smile Clients.

Not only does the company bank for beneficial offers to its clients, but also to avail them reasonable services better than other bus tickets booking companies all over the country. After an image of internet marketing has played a significant role to ease lifestyle, the online bus tickets booking company has added itself to execute so.

In other words, one may easily book bus tickets online from convenience of his/her home and office at a click. With its root deep into delivery of best-in-class and exclusive bus booking services countrywide, there is nothing remained to utter for the next one as the company banks best of lucrative offers and promising services.

Here, a scheme of 5% discount on every bus ticket booking shows the company keeps in mind interest of its clients before it is called a Name among best bus tickets booking company in India. Though RunBus has revolutionized into online bus ticket booking by drawing countless number of bus travelers towards it, this today has been a proficient to the bus travel industry in India.

Also to increase standard and quality of bus booking online, this company brings up its team to have built a platform of easy availability of every kind of buses to travel whether it is Volvo, or Deluxe. Besides to consider offers and availability of buses, wonderful and reasonable holiday packages like Jaipur to Delhi Bus Ticket booking available at RunBus are liable to get you through some of life's impressive journeys.

At last, it is noted to bear in mind for all these features at zero booking charges make RunBus an incredible online bus booking Service Company standing with the highest level of customer satisfaction.   

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Indian Roads Get One More Segment in Luxury Buses

Scania Commercial Vehicles India Private Limited has very enthusiastically inaugurated its brand new bus manufacturing facility in Narasapura near Bangalore in the presence of The Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India, Shri. Nitin Gadkari. This bus will manufacturing plant will come up with 1,000 units per year and will hire more than 300 people on immediate basis.

Bus journey in India is renewed and renovated : Needless to say, the Indian luxury bus segment has witnessed a drastic and radical transformation in the past 5 years. Gone are the days when the journey of bus used to be seen full of absolute discomfort and innumerous hassles. Being enthused by the huge acceptance of the bus travelling in India, world’s best global bus manufacturers not only have established their units in India but also registered remarkable growth.

Online bus ticket booking facility has put it on the cutting edge: 
The ongoing decade in India has seen an explosive growth in online trading and the concept of e-commerce. People are getting and feeling cozy in making online transactions, and in availing the facilities offered by different online platforms like RunBus that provides state-of-the-art online bus ticket booking facility to the Indian populace. This revolutionary facility has put bus travelers on the perfect ease and given them comfort of availing this facility from the comfort of their home.

RunBus: the fastest growing online ticket booking platform
In the past few years Runbus.in has emerged as one the fastest growing platforms providing safe, secure and comfortable luxury bus ticket booking facility online. The process is so simple and straightforward that even a person with basic knowledge of computer can book the ticket in the blinking of an eye. Making things absolutely easier and user-friendly, RunBus has a well-arranged alphabetically source to pick the routes. You just click on the letter and the concerned routes will appear. Through the virtually managed source, you can view and select your preferred seats and plan your journey accordingly.

Complete peace of mind at your fingertips
Booking a bus ticket online through RunBus is completely a mind-soothing and worry-free experience. Whatever payment mode you choose is fully secured and the moment your ticket is booked, information through multiple channels including SMS, Email and sometimes a Call reaches out to you. This way your ticket concerns get realized and the beginning of a joyful journey is made right through your fingertips.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Planning a Trip? Make Your Journey Cozy with RunBus

Bus Journey Means Comfort

Planning a trip includes all sorts of searching to find out the best transports, hotels etc. for making it utterly comfortable and trouble-free. For journeys on the road, buses are making their come back and people, day by day, are relying on bus journeys in more amount than before. Airfares which used to be much cheaper during recession have been elevated during recent times. Hence, the demand of cozy yet affordable bus journeys is becoming more and more popular. And, RunBus brings to you the most economical bus journeys you could ever imagine of.

Ticket Booking Is Quite Simple
Summer holidays are just waiting to begin and people all over India are thinking over planning tours.  So, to avoid rush and lack of tickets, it is a smart option to book tickets beforehand. RunBus, is the most established and largest long-distance digital platform that provides you with online bus ticket booking facility in India. Booking tickets through the internet before you start off your journey will lessen your nervousness about experiencing a comfortable journey and will make your trip far more enjoyable. So, it is always recommended that you book your bus tickets long before you set out.

Facilities Offered Exclusively By RunBus 

Unlike various other online bus ticket providers and even bus ticket booking websites, RunBus cares for their customers and thrives to maintain its positive reputation. You can easily check all available bus schedules on the internet and we assure you that you will have the best experience with our bus ticket booking service online.You will be provided with the facility of choosing your seats as per your wish. And, the customers hardly face any technical issues while booking tickets from RunBus online.

Best Online Portal for Bus Tickets

If you need any assistance while booking your tickets at RunBus, the customer care service will always be there to help you out with utmost care and concern. Even it is pretty much simple to cancel the tickets of your trip and receive the refund. All the bus tickets are comparatively nominal as well. Moreover, you will often find discounts or cash back offers running to purchase tickets at cheaper cost. The online booking is not only quick but also simple and secure. The buyers also receive messages just after confirming their ticket purchase.

As a result of catering these unique facilities to the customers, RunBus is steadily growing as the best portal for online bus ticket booking in India; so ensure a comfortable journey for yourself and your loved ones in your next trip with RunBus

Monday, 30 March 2015

Service Feedback Case Study: Runbus.in

Runbus.in is one of the most popular Indian portals to book bus tickets online. It gives fast and hassle-free bus booking from one location to the other across India. With its online booking services, one can book the tickets without visiting the counter and get mobile tickets as well as an email of the ticket. This ensures trouble-free and easy access for purchasing of tickets. Today, Runbus is most popular in the northern parts of India and works with the top bus operators in this area. The tickets are also available at very reasonable rates and it provides buses according to one's needs.

Recently I have travelled from Delhi to Nainital. I did not want to travel by train and heard a lot about the Volvo services provided by RunBus. So I went into the Runbus.in and booked tickets to Nainital. The website was good and guided me with the better bus services. One can understand the quality of the services of each bus operator from the rating and the feedback given by other passengers. I chose a bus operator and selected my ticket. What made my experience most adorable was an integration with all the information channels. SMS confirmation, email Confirmation, Calling Facility...everything was there!

When I reached the boarding place, the bus was already there. The staff members were behaving in a decent manner, and everything inside the bus was well-managed to give a clutter-free spaciousness. The driver was very much skilled and professional who drove the bus throughout the journey very efficiently. Each and everything in the bus was as per my expectations and the prices which I paid for the ticket. The bus took halts at appropriate intervals at safe places keeping in view the needs of the passengers. My journey from Delhi to Nainital was finished on a very pleasant note.

On the following day, I got an email from Runbus with the words: “How was your journey?’’ in the subject line. This email contained a very precise link that took me to a very short form which I filled up very easily. As per the tone of the form which I filled, it seemed that my feedback was to be utilized to decide on the rankings of the bus operators who are associated with RunBus.

More than anything else, this feature from Runbus impressed me a lot. They make a very minute scrutiny about each and every aspect of the bus operators so that good operators can be appreciated and the bad ones can be alarmed and depreciated.  These practises inspire the operators to keep their standards high otherwise they will be losing the business from online channels which are very rapidly increasing with every passing day.

I would give Runbus 07/10 for inventing this Feedback System. This is what makes RunBus stand apart from other online ticket booking platforms.

Here is a bunch of suggestions that can endear and popularize Runbus.in more in the times ahead:

  1. In our country, still everyone cannot utilise the internet. A large number of people still get the tickets booked by others including their friends and relatives, but as a matter of fact, they travel on those tickets. 
  2. Therefore, feedback systems should be initiated at two levels: RunBus Experience Feedback from the person who booked the ticket and Travel experience feedback from the person who travelled on the ticket.
  3. While booking the ticket, at least the mobile number of one passenger should be mandatorily taken.
  4. On completion of the travel, an email should be sent to the person who booked the ticket, and SMS should be sent who travelled on the ticket.
  5. If Runbus.in would really like to improve on their bus services standards, they should set some benchmarks for the bus operators.
  6. A periodical quality review should be done in order to maintain the standards of the services.
  7. Another way to get correct feedback is by calling up the passengers to their mobile numbers and asking for a feedback by putting a rank in the IVR.
  8. They can put in their comments even after the beep of the IVR and hence a detailed feedback can be received by Runbus.in.
  9. It has also been rightly said that it is a mixed bag of services and one can get a better or the worst service hugely depending upon his or her luck.

All the above suggestions are the result of my experience and the intuition. I am of the view that if these suggestions are addressed and implemented effectively, RunBus would achieve more phenomenal and exemplary success.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Katra – Vaishno Devi and Other remarkable Places

Katra is one of the most popular religious places in India known for Vaishno Devi Temple. It is situated in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. The place witnesses many tourists from entire India and world for religious, spiritual and tourism motives.

Basically, Katra is known for Vaishno Devi Temple, but there are other attractive and interesting tourist places that people love to visit after paying the religious visit to Vaishno Devo Temple. Please have look on other tourist places of Katra:

Himkoti: The place is about 2.75 km away from Adhkunwari that is known for its beautiful landscapes. People love to visit it for quality photography sessions.

Charanpaduka: As Charanpaduka is located at an altitude of 3,380 ft, the place is quite famous in the groups of trekkers. You have to trek around 2.5 km from Banganga. Also, the place is famous for imprints of Mata Vaishno Devi’s feet.

Bhairon Temple: The place is at an altitude of 6,619 ft. People trek 1.42 more kilometres to reach Bhairon Temple from Mata Vaishno Devi Temple. Bhairon is one of the Avatars of Lord Shiva. Bhairon Temple is devoted to the Lord Shiva.

Baba Dhansar Temple: You will be surprised after seeing a huge waterfall emerging from rocks here at Baba Dhansar. It is located 15 kilometers away from Katra.

Banganga: in the river Banganga water flows throughout the year. It has many legends linked to the miracles of Mother Goddess.

Jhajjar Kotli: It is known as a picnic spots among local people who frequently visit it with their family, friends and loved ones.

Adhkunwari: It is said that Mata Vaishno Devi meditated for nine months at Adhkunwari. It is 6 kilometres away from the base camp from where the journey of Vaishno Devi begins.

Sanjhichhat: The place has a very scenic panorama. You would love it and will have some photographic sessions. You need to trek 3.25 km from Adhkunwari. From here, you can easily see Himalaya – covered with snow.

The easiest way to reach Katra is through bus. You can easily book bus tickets through various available online booking platforms and make your journey best, comfortable and safe. The distance is 655 kilometres and it will take around 11 hours to cover this journey.
Before you go anywhere else for

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Avail Multiple Discounts at runBus – Benefits & Steps

When offers end everywhere, you will find lucrative offers always available at runBus if you are looking for some off/discount on bus tickets for travelling in luxurious buses. There are multiple offers available to travel at low fare in state-of-the-art buses. Currently, it has more than 1500 bus routes and 500 bus operators for travelling various parts of India especially north India.  

Some of the discounts are for limited periods but some are always ‘on’ to facilitate passengers to save some money to spend on more important aspects of journey. Some of the discounts offered are:

  1. Get 12% cash back on Minimum 2 Bus Tickets: Book minimum 2 tickets and get 12% refund to your account if you are one of the existing users of runBus and had booked tickets before 10th march 2015.
  2. 5% off on Haridwar Bus Tickets at runBus: Book bus tickets from Delhi to Haridwar and get 5% discount. Offer is valid till 4th April 2015.
  3. Get 5% off on 2 Bus Tickets: Book 2 bus tickets of any of the routes at runBus and get Rs5% off.  Offer is valid for unlimited period.


  • You can save money using discount coupons available on different coupon websites or directly visiting http://coupon.runbus.in/  where many coupons are already posted to cater passengers to avail discounts on every booking.
  • You can save your time by visiting runBus directly and should not waste it anywhere else as runBus is your one stop solution for booking bus tickets at low fare.  

Steps for using code and booking bus tickets:

  1. Select destination and date of journey and proceed.
  2. Select bus operators as per choice of bus.
  3. Proceed to Pay.
  4. Fill general information and check on the kind of offer you have.
  5. Fill Card Details.
  6. And finalize the payment.
  7. Get your tickets at discounted price.

Before going anywhere else, visit runBus. We guarantee you about discounts that are always running on our own coupon website or on other offer code and coupon code partner-websites

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

India-Nepal Bus Service - An Initiative to Connect with Cross-Border Countries

Though the news is three months old but the initiative taken is quite refreshing and new to spread transportation facilities to the neighboring countries. The initiative was flagged off by the Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari when the Delhi-Kathmandu bus service green-signaled. The bus was flagged off from the Ambedkar Stadium bus terminal, Delhi.

“The government is planning to start similar services to every neighboring country soon. This initiative by the central government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to extend good relations between India and Nepal, which has existed since its independence," Gadkari told reporters.

The bus runs on daily basis from Delhi and Kathmandu. The distance of journey is around 1,250 km and it takes around 30 hours to travel the distance. Delhi to Lahore bus service was the first cross border bus service launched in the year 1999. Delhi to Nepal is the second cross-border facilitation launched by the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC).

 You can easily buy bus tickets from Dr. Ambedkar Stadium Bus Terminal (Delhi Gate). The details of fare are mentioned below:

  1. 12 Years & above Rs.2300/-
  2. Above 2 years but below 12 years Rs.1500/-
  3. Up to 2 years (No entitlement of seat)   Free

Passengers can travel comfortably in air-conditioned luxury buses that have 2X2 seating arrangement. This bus travels through Yamuna expressway to Agra, Firozabad, Kanpur, Lucknow, Gorakhpur and Sunauli. Then, it enters territory of Nepal to reach Kathmandu.

You can utilize this service if you have any plan to visit Nepal’s exotic and beautiful tourist destinations. For better and precise information, you can visit DTC’s website if you wish to travel to Nepal.